About Us

Setsuné Beauty is luxury skincare made from Canadian ingredients which are drawn from ancestral knowledge. Setsune Beauty is an Indigenous woman - owned company whose core values are rooted in culture, sustainability, natural ingredients, and philanthropy.

Setsuné Beauty uplifts and celebrates Indigenous science and wisdom we’ve been demonstrating since time immemorial. Setsuné Beauty stands as a testament to the traditions while acknowledging and actively celebrating the rich culture, wisdom, and history of Indigenous peoples of Canada.

In the same spirit that elders pass down values and practices through storytelling, Setsuné Beauty seeks to highlight the profound beauty and bond between the indigenous community and the natural world. Indigenous ancestors were spiritual, they were healers, they were scientists, they were storytellers, and they were beautiful. We are seeking to showcase our spirituality and storytelling through skincare.

Setsuné Beauty’s mission is to represent the power, strength, culture, and resilience of Indigenous Women through beauty. Our vision is to inspire change, to re-discover culture and to empower indigenous women to see the true beauty that they embody.

The name Setsuné is the Dene Suline word for Grandmother. For us, it represents the traditional wisdom and of course, beauty, because in our culture, there is nothing more beautiful than our grandmothers.  The connection to the past is something we want to hold close to us, to allow us to remember where we came from, and to pass along the knowledge of our heritage to future generations. Setsune Beauty is a Matriarch Brand representing Indigenous women.

First Nation communities, like the DeneSuline, are historically a matriarchal society where the woman are the head of the household. It is the woman who is the most powerful within the family. We come from a long line of powerful women, we believe that every woman is a divine goddess and an empowered woman has the power to move mountains. When you support Indigenous women-owned businesses, you’re not only supporting a dream, you are supporting an entire community.